An awwweeesome money-saver!

Hi all! I honestly believe that every single one of my professors got together and said “this week, we believe that Jade is going to be having some pregnancy pain so we might as well lay on the tests”. I have a test in every.single.class. How does that happen?!?

Well, who knows? But it did happen. To me. So I have been pretty study-crazy. I’m lucky because I have so much more time now that I’m not *really* working so I have actually been able to prepare for all of the tests for a few weeks now. My first big exam is today (in two hours, I’ll be sitting there taking it as a matter of fact) and I can happily say that I feel prepared. How nice!

And aside from all that craziness, the blog will be getting spiced up a bit in the next few days in the form of *ba dum dum dummmmm* some all new bloggers. How awesome is that?! Some other women from some very different walks of life who will be contributing to MyHousewifeTales. I’m so excited!

But anyway, in the midst of all this crazy studying and excited preparing, I wanted to drop in and tell you all about an amazing deal that is out. For those of you who were unaware, September & October are Yoga Awareness month.

I took a Yoga class where we had an hour of actually practicing Yoga and then an hour of learning about Yoga– how to teach it, the different types, the benefits etc. And I LOVED it however I never decided to actually go to a studio and try it out. When I saw this deal I was like WHYYY HAVE I NOT?!

When I was in yoga, I was so stress-free and so much more fun to be around because I was a lot better at controlling my emotions. I would just think “wait until Saturday and then you can let it all out in class”. You’re so attuned to your body and mind awareness… it’s just such an amazing experience. SO it was pretty awesome when I saw that in honor of National Yoga Awareness month, over 2000 locations in the US were offering a FREE WEEK of Yoga, I was STOKED.


I was even happier when I found out that one of the studios in my area (there were six that were within driving distance) is the one ran by my Yoga teacher from that class I had taken. I emailed her up to say that I was so excited to try a free week and BECAUSE I’m a nursing student, if I like it enough, I can get 8 classes for only $40 with her student discount. Here is a link to her site (if you’re a local of CNY), I would strongly recommend that you try out the free week (or at least a free class). Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment, she has mats, bands and blocks.

Visit here to sign up.

*of course, a concern was practicing during pregnancy however while emailing the teacher (Dena) I found out that many women are able to practice regular yoga straight up to their delivery with just a few minor modifications. This is all considering that you have your OB’s okay beforehand, of course!*

So Yogi-To-Be’s— head on out and try a free week at a new studio! I bet you will love it!


HIIT Pregnancy Workout #1

My Sunday HIIT Workout was adapted from a workout I found on this pregnancy blog. You should adapt it to meet your own physical needs and as always, clear any and all exercise with you OB beforehand!

Fit 2 B Pregnant HIIT

5 minute Warm-up

:30 high-knees

:30 jumping jacks


Two minutes of dynamic stretching (this means stretching while moving. I, personally, just put on a Zumba song and stretch it out to the music).


Interval Training (10 minutes)

:40 jump squats

:20 break

:40 180 jumps

:20 break

:40 up-down planks

:20 break

:40 burpees

:20 break




Cool-Down (10 minutes)

Static Stretching


HOW I FELT: Immediately after the workout, I felt bad-ass however I also felt a bit bummed. I was hoping to do 20 minutes worth of intervals. What I did was awesome and all but… I didn’t even break a sweat. I stopped because I lost my hearing and for me that’s kind of a… it’s time to quit sign.

A day later, my calfs feel just as sore as they did last week when I was not working out at all so I’d say I’m doing pretty well! I’m making sure to keep my water intake up (aiming for 10 glasses per day) and striving to eat only the healthiest. Of course, I’m also taking my prenatals.



AND OF COURSE, there’s always something to be happy about:


Staying fit during pregnancy!

I am officially in the second trimester of pregnancy (and have been for about six weeks now)!

As anyone who knows me is well aware of, health & fitness has always and will always be very important to me. Pregnancy is no exception. Taking that into consideration, I share this tidbit of information with you:

My first trimester was a breeze. I’m sure many women want to punch me in the face when I say that but it’s true (sorry ladies!). My friend is about a month behind me in pregnancy and she has had a ROUGH go about it. She can only eat three foods and is always nauseous– it just seems so horrible. Well for me, it was all rainbows and butterflies. I didn’t get sick– the closest I came was two or three bouts of acid reflux where I needed to remain upright. I wasn’t overly emotional, I looked pretty much the same… it was really just a walk in the park.

WELL– I should have KNOWN that it couldn’t possibly stay that perfect. The second trimester hasn’t been horrible– I’m absolutely positive it could be a lot worse. My husband would say that I’m just being an optimist but honestly– it really could be much, much worse than it is.

With that in mind, it hasn’t been easy. Around 13 weeks, my face started to break out. This wasn’t a huge deal, it just wasn’t fun for me because I’ve always had pretty clear skin. At 14 weeks, my back pain started– it was in my lower back and the best way to relieve it was to walk different. I have officially adopted a pregnancy “waddle”.


At 15 weeks, I went and did the Arc Race with my father and a friend. It was a simple 5K– just three miles and some change, no big deal however while there before the race had begun, mind you I started to see spots, sat down and lost all sight and hearing for around a minute and a half. Nothing MAJOR but it was still scary as hell and I’ve had blurry vision since then. I began to gain weight which was a GOOD thing because it meant the beginning of actually looking like a pregnant lady but with that came intense leg pain. Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst calf pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I couldn’t speak, tears were in my eyes, I was just laying there helplessly, thrashing about. It was absolutely horrid. Since then, I’ve had pain in my legs every single day. I can best compare it to the feeling you get in your calfs the day after the most intense workout you’ve ever had however that is not what caused it for me.

So yes, it could be worse, but it hasn’t been as easy-going and perfect as the first trimester either. I have high hopes for the third trimester!!

WELL… as this pain has begun and worsened, I began to adopt a “I’m pregnant so I need to be waited on and wrapped in a large bubble and treated like a princess who does nothing” attitude which is no good for my own self nor for my marriage. Yesterday, while scouring pregnancy boards on Pinterest, I happened upon a fellow pregnant chick who is also a blogger however her blog is a bit more concentrated than mine… she writes about being FIT during pregnancy.

I began to read what she had to say and it inspired me. She writes about the fact that your baby will be much better in the long run and labor will be much easier if you’re taking care of you body… that women often live in this current state of fear during pregnancy but that we really just need to put all the fear aside and realize that women have accomplished and continue to accomplish so very much– nothing can hold us back!

This is her blog.

And with that, I decided that from here (17 weeks) and on, I will be posting a weekly update on how my eating has been, how my working out has been and a picture of how I’m looking as I progress through this awesome thing called making life!


Wednesday (09/18/13)- One hour and a half of tennis.

Thursday (09/19/13)- 15 minute jog/run; 15 minute walk.

Friday (09/20/13)- No exercise.

Saturday (09/21/13)- No exercise.

Sunday (09/22/13)- 20 minutes HIIT Workout. Click link to read the workout.

Today- An hour and a half of tennis. Possibly will be going for a run with my friend.


My eating hasn’t been the best but not the worst either. Granola with raisins and honey for cereal, spinach with tomatoes, avocado and dressing for lunch and whatever we’re having for dinner that night. A definite area of improvement would be to cut back on eating out– this week we went out to Moe’s friday night which was a meal lasting me into Sunday and then went out to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner Saturday night. Both very enjoyable and we do love to eat in a social setting but it’s so hard on the bank account and even worse, it’s always food that’s so bad for us.

I will be checking back next Monday to update you about how I did on week 18. Thanks for reading!

My baby registry

Hi folks– I’m here to give you a little updating (specifically regarding the little baby)!!

Classes started last Monday and I’m lovin’ it (ba da da da da). It’s so nice to be back in school. A bit stressful but I’m happy to have something to keep me busy and I have a bunch of classmates who’re either also going into nursing or are already in nursing programs– it’s great to have people to talk to who’re following my same path.

In addition to all that greatness, two weeks ago on Tuesday, I got to see le bebe! I was 12 weeks and 0 days on the day of my appointment meaning I was in my 13th week however much to my disappointment, it was too early to find out the sex of the baby… BUT!! In better news, I did get to see the baby and oh my gosh it’s more than quadrupled in size since the first time we saw the little thing. It was sooo awesome– it was kicking me and sucking it’s thumb. It now looks as though I actually have a human being in there and not just some ‘lil alien!

So my next appointment will be on September 17th and I will be just beginning my 17th week which means *ba da da daaaaaa* that they should certainly be able to tell if I’m carrying a he or a she. Pretty exciting, right?!

Well I’m quite excited to find out however everyone is already calling it a boy. I have no idea why. I never said I thought it was a boy and when people ask if I have any ideas (“mothers intuition”) I say that my mother’s intuition is that I’m 100% sure I have no idea. I’ll be so amazingly stoked either way but am just excited to be able to not just call it an it and actually refer to it as a he or a she! That’ll be awesome.

So… I was feeling a bit antsy the other day and decided that although it’s early, I’m fully into my second trimester and would make my baby registry. Of course, I’m not going for ugly gender neutral things so I decided to register as if it’s a boy and just change the few gender specific things I have on there if I were to find out otherwise.

I registered with Target because I wasn’t picky and both my mother-in-law and aunt suggested it so I figured eh, why not. I didn’t have a single problem finding everything I was looking for.

For a boy, the nursery will be mainly brown with some green undertones. For a girl, the nursery will be mainly brown with some pink undertones. I went with brown as my main color because it’s easy to apply to any gender so I can reuse a lot for future children.

So here it is!!

Some Notes About My Registry

1. My mother was around for the most part while I was making the registry and pointed out some things for me. She said that I shouldn’t bother registering for clothes because many people will get whatever they feel like and more than likely, it’ll be cute baby clothes. I should try to stick to practical stuff that was actually needed according to her. I tried to keep this in mind however I did register for one little outfit you’ll see (it’s the outfit we’ll be bringing him home from the hospital in) and a bunch of bibs and binkie’s because they were cute and I wanted to.

2. My mom also said that the nipple cream I registered for was useless and I shouldn’t waste mine or anyone else’s money because it’s not my nipples that will hurt but my entire boob and it will only be a for a few days… I decided not to listen to her on this one. I’ve read of many mom’s who felt it was very necessary and were so thankful they had the cream and didn’t have to run out to the store. Worst comes to worst, $8.00 was wasted.

3. Some of the pricier items on the list, I felt really bad registering for ($200.00 for a car seat and stroller?! My GOSH!!) but my mom picked a lot of that stuff out and she says she wants to buy those bigger ticket items if someone else doesn’t get them for me at the shower… Ameer and I already purchased a crib and she says she’d like to get the rest.

4. Although I did say that I’m stockpiling diapers for the first year so we don’t need to go shopping for them, I did register for a bunch. My mom says I won’t regret it at all.

We’ve gone Paleolithic and it’s Paleo-RIFFIC

Okay so that header left…something to be desired. But hey, I never claimed to be a poet.

Anywho, as I mentioned earlier, Ameer and I have embarked upon a new journey– a new diet! It’s been awesome. We’ve been on it officially for one week and two days which may not sound like much but it feels like it’s been a life time.

We have decided to try the Paleo diet.

My sister Brittany and her husband Alex came into town last week. We see them twice a year so, of course, we wanted to spend a ton of time with them and we couldn’t help but notice they were eating like weird-os. We had to figure out what THAT was all about. And then they told us… they were living a Paleo lifestyle. Now for them, I call it a lifestyle because they got through the initial 21 day part and decided to stick with it and have been sticking with it for six months now. They both looked awesome, my sisters skin was so clear and they couldn’t stop talking about the benefits.

WELL…. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but Ameer is a bit overweight. According to his doctor, he is currently obese but not yet morbidly obese however to me, he just seems a bit overweight. Then again, I’m his wife and think the absolute world of him. Here are some pictures of my hubby just so you can get a general picture in your head. None of them are great because he never actually just stands like a normal person for a picture but hopefully you can get the basic gist of it:

CAM00020 CAM00022 CAM00167 CAM00238 CAM00201

For the longest time, Ameer didn’t care about his weight (or at least didn’t seem to) however at some point in time, he decided he wanted to lose the weight. The issue:

1. He hates being uncomfortable.

2. He love food.

3. He hates exercise.

4. I do all of our shopping and cooking, he eats whatever I put in front of him.

5. He works a very labor-intensive job so he can’t be sufficing on 900 calories a day.

SO this weight thing has been a struggle of mine and once we found out we had a wee one on the way, we knew we wanted Ameer to be at a healthy weight by the time the baby got here but honestly, I didn’t think it would happen.

Britt and Alex came here at the perfect time.

SO… they told us what the Paleo Diet was. They suggested some reading material but you can find so much online. This is a great video that describes what eating paleo is, why people do it and what the benefits are as well as what we can and can’t eat.

Hopefully you sort of understand a bit about it now!!

Of course, my eggo is preggo so I couldn’t just do a 180 with my diet. I tried for one day to do just straight paleo but it was so painful and I knew that it wasn’t right for me at the time however I had a very sad suspicion that if I left the diet, Ameer would as well so I didn’t want to.

*Side note* for those preggies out there who ARE interested in going 100% paleo, here are some articles that prove that it IS safe. It just isn’t COMFORTABLE.

*although apparently it can increase your chances of conceiving if you’re TTC! hmmmmm*… we sat down and had a talk about it and he said as long as I made it possible for him (remember, I do all the shopping and cooking– little housewife that I am) then he would stick to it AT LEAST for the 21 days.

So this is how WE do paleo.

Ameer eats paleo 100% of the time. I eat paleo ABOUT 33% of the time however even when I’m not eating paleo, my eating habits HAVE changed for the better a ton.

This is what a paleo day looks like for us food wise.

I wake up and make Ameer’s breakfast and lunch. His breakfast is usually a two-egg omletee with whatever veggies we got from the Farmer’s Marker (love supportin’ that local economy!) and whatever meat we had the might before, two pieces of bacon and kale and berry smoothie. Before he eats his breakfast, he has a glass of water. For lunch, I make him a salad that consists of a crap ton of spinach leaves, grape tomatoes and some sausage. This week, we bought some super healthy organic pesto that is also being put on his salad. I also pack him a snack for first break and snack for second break (banana chips, raisins, trail mix, an apple, some cut up veggies etc.).

After Ameer is gone, I eat my own breakfast which has become a bowl of cereal. One difference between Ameer’s diet and my own is that he cut out all dairy while I kept milk in mine. No cheese or any of that yummy but oh so unhealthy stuff– just milk. I have to drink Vitamin D milk as prescribed by my doctor because I’m a bit deficient plus I LOVE milk and it helps my lil man or lady grow. For lunch, I have a sandwich with ham and mustard and I eat whenever I get hungry but because I only buy paleo food (other than the Vit. D milk and the bread), I usually only eat paleo food.

For dinner, I make a 100% paleo dinner that we both eat however sometimes I have a glass of milk with it and Ameer has hard cider with dinner which I, obviously, can’t drink.

One or two nights a week, Ameer has a dessert after dinner however he’s much more likely to have his dessert when he first gets out of work because he’s spent and wants to relax.

So just so you know how paleo has been treating us…. I was getting VERY bad pregnancy acne before we started and it’s about 95% cleared up now. I also was always tired and that’s stopped although that may also be due to the fact that I’m now into my second trimester. Ameer says he feels as though he has more energy. He weighed 245 at the start of this thing and currently weighs 228 so I’d call that a victory!

I’m planning on posting a few of our recipes soon (both the good and the bad– yes, I’ve tried some recipes that tasted like booty… cauliflower breadsticks are NOT our thing!)

Why I chose to leave Ameriplan USA

It wasn’t very long after starting Ameriplan that I realized the career just wasn’t for me.

Because a major reason for starting this blog was to tell everyone ABOUT Ameriplan, I would love to share my experience and why the company just wasn’t right for me.

My issue with Ameriplan began immediately after training ended when I realized I’d been liked to. The major claim they made that I had a problem with was that there is NO cold-calling. This was nice for me because the idea of cold-calling seemed… well off-putting.

So I begin to actually work and I am provided a list of five leads to begin with. A LEAD is someone who AT SOME POINT IN TIME filled out a form of some kind online saying they might be interested in working from home/making extra money/being able to stay home with their children or whatever way they phrased it that interested people. So you call the person and introduce yourself and nine times out of ten, the people think right away that you’re a scammer and don’t even let you finish your sentence. If they DO let you finish your sentence, you go on to a explain a bit about the company. In my two months with the company, I made just over 500 attempts at this type of phone call and had not one success. That was frustrating but to be expected. What I did NOT like was that to me, this was a cold-call. None of these people REMEMBERED filling out that form and they were not expecting you call. That’s essentially the definition of a cold-call and it was uncomfortable and awkward and I didn’t like it at all.

The other type of lead is a WARM lead. This lead is much better but still… you can only get the person by scamming them. You put up an ad on a site such as craigslist that asks for “customer service representatives” or something along those lines and the description you give is VERY vague and not at all factual. You get tons of responses, contact them all and set up phone interviews for maybe… 1/4 of them. Which is a good pull through amount in my opinion.  Some of them actually interested until they find out that you have to PAY to work for the company. Again, I had very little success this way.

As with any job, I realize that in order to be successful you need to give it time however giving Ameriplan USA “time” is also giving them money as you have to pay them monthly. At first, it seemed like a great idea but once I realized that we would have MORE money if I wasn’t working at ALL, I decided to leave the company.

All in all, I think Ameriplan USA might be perfect for some people however I’m simply not one of them. I don’t believe you should have to pay to work for a company and I don’t feel comfortable making claims such as “oh there’s NO cold-calling” when there actually is. It just doesn’t feel right to me so I made the decision to go back to school and get a usable-degree so I can get a REAL job that ACTUALLY pays money.


SIDE NOTE: I did receive one check from Ameriplan USA. It was for $32. So I made $32.00 in two months. That’s horrible.  But hey, they’re legit enough to pay me what I “earned”.


I’ve been a bad blogger guys… I’ve been away for a MONTH now!! BUT It’s gone on long enough.

So I”m here to update you on the what-haves and the what-have-nots that’ve been keeping me so busy.

1. Of course, I have been gloriously pregnant. It takes WORK making le bebe. I am finally (happily!) into the second trimester however that’s certainly been keeping me away from like (anyone else sleep 8 hours a day and then 10 hours a night for 10 weeks of THEIR pregnancy? No people, I am not exaggerating.)

2. Ameer and I are {in the process of} moving. Of course, we wanted to be in a HOME that we OWNED by the time this baby made his or her grand entrance and living in our apartment that cost $800 a month plus all utilites made it sooo difficult to actually save anything. So…. we made the difficult decision to move in with my mom. It’s a God send to be living for free under some one else’s roof however giving up our privacy does not come without it’s challenges. We’ve been here for two days and so far, so good however unpacking is stress-FUL.

3. Ameer and I started a new diet called the Paleo (or Paleolithic or Caveman) diet. This will be getting it’s own post. All the planning and prep work that goes into a completely new way of eating takes serious time.

4. I left Ameriplan. This will also be getting it’s own post. It was a tough decision but the right one for me.

5. I decided to go back to school. I am going to the same college I went to before however this time, I’m in their nursing program. Nursing made perfect sense to me because 1. It sounds interesting 2. There’s opportunity to advance 3. I already have the science background and a TON of experience volunteering at a hospital 4. We have a ton of great hospitals in the area and the career is BOOMING and lastly 5. With a baby on the way, I felt real pressure to get a good, dependable job. Nursing was perfect because once I actually begin working, Ameer and I will both be working shifts so we can work opposing shifts and not have to pay for childcare.

It’s really a win-win-win-win-WIN. Classes start on Monday and I’m PUMPED! My most immediate goal for this semester is to get a 90 or above on my first exam for all of my classes.



SOOOOO guys– as you can see– I’ve been pretty busy. It’s such an exciting time for this growing family and I can’t wait to include you all in this awesomeness!