Inexpensive, 100% natural all-purpose cleaner

At the dollar store in Syracuse, you can buy a green product called Spic ‘N Span for $1.00. It smells mighty strong but works very well. While I was still in school and in the midst of an intense, study-heavy week, I realized that my apartment had, somehow, become the home of a pig. And sadly, that pig was me.


So I began cleaning. It had to be done. It was too disgusting. And I carried with me from room to room my ever-handy all-purpose Spic N’ Span. After about 30 minutes of constant spraying and wiping of this green product, I began to feel light headed and dizzy. Something was up and I had a feeling the very strong-smelling product I was carrying was to blame.

So I decided to find out what that stuff was made of– not only that made it work so well but also that made me feel so dizzy after prolonged exposure to it (was this a gamma ray or a cleaning staple?!). Names like Ethoxylated nonyl phenol and Toluene were popping up, names I’d never heard of (wasn’t the first one from Chem class?) but from a simple google search I could tell that these weren’t good to be using to clean the surfaces in my home from which we cook off of, eat off of and more. And it was then that I decided to make a change in my home.

I was not making this change to help the environment (although that was an added bonus!), I was making this change because I am responsible for the things I breath in and the things I expose my loved ones to and I only want to be exposed to the best.

A simple look around on Pinterest helped me to find over ten different alternatives to that horrible green muck from the dollar store. I decided to try them out. This was what I needed from a cleaner:

  • Something inexpensive
  • Something very effective
  • Something that didn’t contain anything harmful

I went through a few before finally finding the one that I use now and have been using for years (since that fateful day as a matter of fact). What I use is very effective, is not at all harmful and is BEYOND cheap to make!

If you have any messes that are being tricky little monkeys and won’t be cleaned away, I advise spraying and leaving for about ten minutes then re-visiting. Repeat as needed until your home shines.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A simple spray bottle. I bought this pack of three because I had use for the other two and buying in bulk saves money. If you have no use for the other two, just buy one like this.

White distilled Vinegar. Here’s mine. Super cheap.

Warm Water. No link for that. Go to your tap 🙂


Fill the spray bottle 1/3 of the way with vinegar and the rest of the way with warm tap water. Shake up and you’re ready to go!


I don’t mind the vinegar scent as it doesn’t last for long however if you’re very sensitive to it, I suggest dropping in a few lemon peels or two drops of your favorite all-natural essential oil to drown out the smell.


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