An Over View– Working for Ameriplan USA

So you’re considering a career with Ameriplan USA, eh? I can’t say that I blame you. It’s a great way to earn an income while being HOME. No need to miss out on those first steps, first words, first ANYTHINGS. You can be there for at ALL with Ameriplan USA.

Wondering how I started with Ameriplan USA? Click here to find out.

Money From Computer


Working from home is not for everyone. You might need to get out of the house for eight hours a day. Daycare/childcare certainly has it’s bonuses– socialization being at the top of the list. If you are a mother who would prefer to work outside of the home please don’t feel bad. I push working with Ameriplan USA for mothers who WISH they could be home with their babies but don’t see how that could be possible. If you enjoy working outside of the home, you enjoy it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re any less of a mother or a woman because you’d prefer to have your child in childcare. That’s what it’s there for, right?

First of all, here are some sites you can go to. Read about what Ameriplan has to offer. See what you think.

So what is working with Ameriplan USA actually like?

It is similar to an office job however you’re doing it all from home. You have your enroller (who could be compared to a manager in the aspect that if you have any questions, you turn to them) and you have your entire team. Each week, you attend training calls. If you can’t make them or they are during a time that you don’t work, you can listen to the recorded version (although then you lose the option of asking questions or making comments). You spend time searching through the internet, writing down leads, answering emails, and making phone calls (no phone calls, just calls you said you’d make. Another bonus about Ameriplan, if you don’t like making phone calls, it can be done 100% online. I just prefer to make phone calls myself).

You make “presentations” throughout the day. The more presentations you make, the more people you’re likely to sign on. For me, a presentation is an interview with a prospective new IBO however that will differ from person to person as we don’t all do the same thing for the company.

You are not an employee, you are a business owner so you decide what you make. To many, the idea of taking a commission based job can be very stress-inducing. If you don’t sign on a certain number of people, you don’t make money for that week. We all have bills to pay, how can we pay them if we aren’t having an awesome week?

And this is a concern that I understand but I’m quick to dispel any such thoughts in potential IBO’s. With Ameriplan USA, we have an awesome little thing called residual income. When I first sign someone on, I make a 40% commission on that person. Every month following, I make a 20% commission for what that person is paying. That is true for every single person I sign on and I continue to make the residual income forever.

Residual income is the #1 reason not to fear having a bad week. As long as you continue to put the work in, you will be fine. Of course, if you haven’t signed on anyone then you will have no residual income however if you are treating Ameriplan USA as a serious job and working at least part time and you haven’t signed on a single person, something is up and you should contact your enroller for help!

Thanks to residual income, I will be taking three months off of work when my new baby is born. When I say off of work I mean 100%. I will do nothing other for those three months other than concentrate on learning my new child and helping him or her to learn about me. After three months, I will get back into the swing of things and work for Ameriplan 30 hours per week. More on that later!

Another fear of people is the cost it takes to start Ameriplan USA. I’ve read over and over on blogs “common sense people– you shouldn’t have to pay for a job”. To all those people, I agree, you shouldn’t have to pay to start a job however Ameriplan is not a job, it’s a business. And the best part is (coming from someone who owner her own fitness business), you put the work in of a job yet make the work of a business. Other than filing your own taxes, you don’t have to do any of the work that goes into running a business. You don’t have to deal with attorneys or financial advisers, book keepers or web designer, marketers or accountants. Ameriplan does all that. By paying the monthly fee (which is taken out of your paycheck, what you pay each month depends on your commission level), you are provided your own entire business. The earnings are limitless. It isn’t like a job where you make your salary or hourly rate and that’s it– MAYBE you’re lucky enough to get a bonus or some extra over-time. When you own a business, you can make as much money as you have time to make. There are so many people I know (from working for Ameriplan USA) that earn in the six-figures thanks to Ameriplan. There are actually quite a few who have hit the million dollar mark. Your monthly fee is paying for five different marketing websites for which you have to do nothing, a back office that allows you to put in contacts info and schedule emails to send them, tons of leads, on-going training and much more. Believe me when I say that the over-head cost more than pays for itself.

So essentially this is what you do. You contact people who’re interested in either the benefits program or working from home. You explain to them what it entails. You send them a few emails. You follow up. You become interested in them and helping them to make and save money so that you can make and save money as well. Then once they sign on, you make a commission off of them. Each and every month, you continue to make a commission off of that person you worked with for a few days.

Although quite lengthy, this is what working for Ameriplan USA entails. I, personally, love it. What do you all think?

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