My first stretch mark

Okay folks, I am about to get reeeaaalll dramatic on ya’ll:

I have discovered my first ever stretch mark. My body has been forever changed by this little fetus growing inside of me. I knew that it was coming. I had no doubt my body would change– you can’t push a human head out of your vag and not change. But I did not for a single second think that stretch marks would happen this early.

I’d been complaining to Ameer for a few days about breast pain. Both him and my mother had warned me– take the proactive approach and start applying some kind of cream now so that my skin is soft enough to stretch when it needs to. And I PLANNED on doing that. After a few weeks had passed and things had slowed down a little, I would still be the exact same size and I would be ready to be proactive and start applying Palmer’s Coca Butter. I had even already bought the stuff. But I knew that I had time.

Boy was I wrong. I was commenting about the fact that my boobies were looking larger when I noticed it. I thought it was the light in our bedroom so I went into the bathroom to be sure that my eyes were not being fooled. Four nasty, close together lines. On the upper part of my chest. I started to panic. Yelled for Ameer to come QUICKLY. I needed him to tell me what I was looking at because I knew that my suspicion couldn’t possibly be correct. But sure enough, it was. I had a STRETCH MARK. And he did nothing but laugh and say “I told you so”.

My body will never be the same. I will never be the same small, perfectly unmarked Zumba Instructor that I was pre-baby. I will be a mommy. With stretch marks to prove it. And as sad as I was in that moment, the thought that it’s all for my child made it a little better.

Plus for the short while, my stomach is still the same size as it was pre-pregnancy however my boobs are HUGE. Enjoy it while you can, evil husband, soon I’m going to be a whale 🙂

Oh and just so you all know, I am now ACTUALLY being proactive. Although I don’t think you can call it that considering that I’ve already started to get stretch marks. I started using this cream, bought for less than $10 on Amazon based on the reviews, twice a day and I can feel how much smoother my skin is. Hopefully that will mean no more stretch marks!!

I rely very heavily on online reviews. If you are looking for something cheaper or don’t like Palmer’s brand, the only BIG suggestion I can make is to ENSURE that you get something which contains Vitamin E. The Shea and/or Cocoa Butter help to make skin soft so it can stretch but the Vitamin E is what actually helps with the stretch marks themselves. This is why regular lotion won’t work.

And for those of you who may laugh at me for caring so much about a simple stretch mark, I say this to you: Go to a pregnancy forum!! I frequent BabyandBump personally and you will find hundreds of pregnant women having breakdowns about the most menial of things. No laughing at me!

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