My Grocery Store App

I have found the perfect App for my phone which allows me to quickly plan my major monthly shopping trip (more on that later).

It is called Food Planner. Simple enough, right?

It allows me to input recipes, plan meals, and then gives me a grocery list accordingly. Once I’m given the grocery list, I can assign prices (which if you take the time to do that once or twice at the grocery store you’ll know ABOUT what your bill is going to be every single time, pretty sweet!), and put everything into it’s own category so I can be quick in the store (i.e. I can put all the meat together, all the veggies together etc. and then categorize them based on which section I come to first in the store– you might not think so but it saves me TONS of time!).

All in all, I love this app and would recommend it to any person who uses Pinterest or another recipe site on their phone a lot and would like a way to easily have all your recipes in one (digital) place to easily and quickly create grocery lists.

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