Old (House) Wives Tales

I am a frequent member of multiple mother-to-be forums. My favorite for my phone is WTE (That’s what to expect for those of you who DON’T frequent that forum). My favorite forum for the computer is BabyAndBump.momtastic.com (or simply babyandbump).

On these forums, you find out so much information– some of it loony and some of it true. You also make friends, have a place to turn to with every single worry you might have (I don’t think I would have made it through that miscarriage without my ladies from babyandbump– I was a mess and Ameer didn’t know how to console me but they did), and can find great information such as the pros and cons of cloth diapering, what baby items you actually need and what’s safe and not safe to do during pregnancy.

Mixed in with all this awesomeness is something that I really enjoy– a bunch of old wives tales. Today, alone, I came across at least three different threads on WTE asking about Old Wives Tales and if such and such could hold true for them. And that sparked this idea for a post. I am going to go through some Old Wives Tales and tell you my opinions on them and what that would predict for my future child.

As a sidenote, you might find these things quite ridiculous (in which case– just skip this post). I am a bit superstitious and although I know that many of them are just silly, I tend to believe them until otherwise is proven true.

Also, I am currently 6 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant (meaning that I’m in my seventh week) so some of them aren’t possible yet for me. I’ll just tell you the tale in that case.

Old Wives Tales

So here goes:

Tale Numero Uno

The Telltale Carry

Pregnancy Bump

This tale says that if you carry your child low (when you start to show) you are carrying a boy and if you carry high, it’s a girl. Also, if you expand out then it’s a boy and if you expand horizontally, it’s a girl.

I am not showing yet so I can not really give you my predictions for my own wee one however I can tell you that when I am showing, I’ll be paying tons of attention to which ways I’m showing!

Tale #2

Heart Rate Detector


This tale says that if you’re carrying a girl, the heart rate will be faster at 140 BMP or higher while if you’re carrying a boy, it will be slower.

This tale is one I don’t buy into for multiple reasons. Reason number one being science. It’s well-known now and proved by science that the fetal heart rate flucates based on tons of factors such as time-of-day, growth and movement. The same way that my heart rate increases when I Zumba, my little blue-berries heart rate increases when he’s preforming gymnastics inside of my uterus. Quite the adorable picture, I know.

The second reason that I don’t buy into this tale is history. My oldest sister was born in a regular hospital where they used an ultrasound to predict that she was a girl based on not seeing a tiny penis. My second oldest sister, however, was born on a military base that my father was stationed at. The military hospital was not the most up-to-date and so they used only heart rate to predict my sisters sex. Of course, they said she was going to be a boy based on the fact that her heart rate was slow yet lo and behold, she came out a girl (I think).

Of course, heart rate was used to predict gender for quite some time and was often right… because it had a 50/50 chance of being right. That means 1 in every 2 was right. Which might seem impressive. However I have just as much of a likelihood in guessing on my own.

Tale Numba Free

Your Cravings


This tale says that if you’re craving sweets, you’re carrying a little lady. If you’re craving sours, you’re craving a little man.

I have had cravings. They have been intense. However sadly, they are based solely on what I see. Product placement and advertisements work wonders on this pregnant lady… as does the power of suggestion. We went to Sprint to buy Ameer a new phone and one of the employees said something about Pizza. I needed pizza immediately. I thought I was going to die without it. My stomach actually hurt with my desire for pizza. Two days ago, we were driving down to NYC for a funeral and passed a McDonald’s. I began to think about how much I love their chocolate shakes. I had to have one. There was no question about it.

So taking this into consideration, I don’t think I can use this Old Wives Tale to predict my little blueberries gender. I haven’t craved one over the other.

And the saddest and most mean thing in the world that I found out while researching this old wives tale: There is actually no scientific evidence that cravings are a real thing at all. While I’ve heard multiple times that you crave what your body is deficient in, I don’t think my body was deficient in cheese or dough but I still was craving pizza. Although this is sad news, I will continue to eat whatever I’m craving, whenever I’m craving it. I’m a bossy pregnant lady.

Tale Number Four

No Baths


The thought behind this tale was that the dirty water could get to your baby which is just silly however there is some truth to this one tale. You shouldn’t get into water that is higher than 101 degrees Farenheit. You don’t want your body temperature to rise to much because unlike you (you lucky, fully formed human being), that little blueberry inside you is yet to be able to regulate their body temperature so if you get to hot, you might fry that little egg. No hot tubs but a basic shower or bath should be fine.

Tale 5

The Mayan Gender Test


This tale involves adding the age of the mother at conception and the year the baby was conceived.

Based on this, we’d be having a girl. The Chinese calendar also suggests that we’re having a girl so I think it may just be true.

Tale 6


This tale states that if your legs stay lean, you’re having a girl but if you’re legs change/gain weight it’s a little boy.

At only 7 weeks, I already am getting stretch marks on my thigh so this tale points to a boy for me.

Tale 7

The Breast Test

The tale says that if your left breast is larger than your right, it’s a girl and vice versa for boy.

My right breast has always been larger than my right. Not enough that you notice when I’m wearing a bra but when I go to bed, I could always tell however my left breast has grown quickly. This was what first made me think I might be pregnant– I got a stretch mark on my left boob from it growing so quickly. My left boob is now noticeably larger. This points to a girly for me!

Tale 8

Morning Sickness Check

Based on this Old Wives Tale, if you were sick often throughout your pregnancy, it’s a girl and if you had a sickness free pregnancy, it’s a boy.

For whatever reason, I believe in to this one a bit more than some of the others. I am only 7 weeks pregnancy (33 more to go!) but I haven’t been sick or felt nausea once where as last time (when I had my miscarriage), I was always nauseous. For me, this points to a boy.

Old {House} Wives Tale #9

The Body Tests

Are you craving protein? Has the hair on your legs been growing much faster? Are your aeroleas getting darker? Is your urine darker? Are your hands constantly dry? Are your feet cold? All of these signs point to a lil man.

Of these, I have noticed that my hands are dry a lot, my feet are cold often, and my aeroleas are getting darker. I haven’t paid enough attention to my leg hair and my pee fluctuates based on how much I drink (obviously). So for this test, I don’t think there’s a definitive it’s a boy or a girl.

The Last Tale– Tale Number 10

Mommy’s Intuition


71% of the time, the mother knows what she’s having. Call it mother’s intuition, pure luck, or simply knowing your child as they are inside of you but I believe it.

I honestly feel that I’m pregnant with a boy. I imagine a boy. I feel a boy. Then again, I want a boy so this may play into it.

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