How to actually save money on diapers and wipes

I have decided to share my *semi-boring* calculations and derivations (wait… that didn’t make sense!) about how many diapers and wipes I will need to stock up on in the next seven months of pregnancy I have left in order to not need to purchase a single diaper or wipe until my child is a year old. Of course, once I get used to the lil guy or girl, I’m going to start stock-piling for when the baby is a year until when it is potty-trained but it will be nice to know that I won’t need to buy either of these necessities for all that time. And not only that, I will also know that I saved a ton of money on those two super-necessities because I am only going to purchase them when they are at the rock-bottom price. And below, you will found out how I calculated the rock-bottom price and how I will search for them to ensure I get the best deals.


One can assume (and yes folks, as a nanny for over five years, I know to use the word lightly) that a baby will be changed roughly 8-10 times per day until it is sleeping through the night at which time it will be changed roughly 6-8 times per day (Like SouthernSavers, my family will be a BabyWise family so I plan to have the baby sleeping through the night at between 8 and 10 weeks).

Once you’ve considered this, you have to decide how to figure how quickly your child will gain weight (i.e. how quickly it will change diaper sizes). I am taking this part directly from Southern Savers:

“The next thing to consider is how fast a baby gains weight.  The typical breast fed baby gains 5-7 oz per week or basically a little less than ½ lb for the first 4 months.  A formula fed baby will typically gain a little more than ½ lb per week.  For math sake we are going to assume an even ½ gain each week.

Size 1 is good up to 14 lbs, size 2 12-18 lbs, size 3 up to 16-28 lbs.  I would not plan on preparing ahead on any sizes larger than size 3 for right now.  You can buy those as deals come along after the baby is born.  However, if you are having diaper showers then go for it!  This being our fourth girl, we really don’t have any baby showers.  So this is all on us to prepare for.

Generally you aren’t going to stay in the newborn size long, nor do you want to when you see that they actually cost more than a size 1.  So here’s my plan:

Math assumptions:
Changing on average 10 diapers per day/night
½ lb growth per week
starting weight of 6 lbs

First 4 Months
Newborn Size: 2-3 packs (not really needed most can go straight to size 1)
Size 1: 840 diapers needed to get to 12 lbs  = 16-20 jumbo packs
Size 2: 560 diapers needed to get to 16 lbs = 13-15 jumbo packs

5 months to 12 months
Growth slows to 1 lb every 3 weeks on average
Diaper Changes on average 6 per day
Size 3: 1512  diapers needed to get to 28 lbs = 56-62 jumbo packs

Total Diapers needed in the first year: 2,912″

So I decided (trusting her calculations as a general rule of thumb) that before my wee one arrives in the beginning of March, I will need approximately the following:

1 Pack of Newborn Diapers

840 Size One Diapers (~16-20 Jumbo Packs)

560 Size Two Diapers (~13-15 Jumbo Packs)

1512 Size Three Diapers (~56-62 Jumbo Packs)

Unlike the big ticket items, sadly, I cannot buy diapers used so I needed to find what a rock bottom (i.e. stock up) price is for each size so I know when to stock up. Based on scouring the mommy blogs, forums and books I found the following price break down:

Stock Up Prices

Newborn- $00.13-$00.16

Size One- $00.11-$00.14

Size Two- $00.14-$00.16

Size Three- $00.16-$00.19

Multiple out how many I need of each diaper times the lowest price I can get it for with my couponing etc. and I will spend $419.22 on a years’ worth of diapers for my wee one. At this exact moment, that number sounds pretty devastating however I worked for multiple families who spent upwards of four times that much on a years’ worth of diapers without a thought… I’m too frugal not to care though J

So now I know how many diapers I need and what prices I should be looking out for. It’s time to move onto the second necessity….


The number of wipes used in a year is pretty arbitrary considering that I got it based on scouring Google (mostly mommy blogs and mommy forums). Based on mothers who use wipes not only for cleaning little booties after diaper changes but also for wiping hands and faces etc., it looks like it’s safe to say that we’ll go through a maximum of one regular sized box of wipes per week.

That means I need to stock up on 52 boxes of wipes. What number am I looking for as a stock-up price?

Again, this number is just from other mommies on the interweb but it seems like a good stock-up price for wipes is between $00.11 and $00.12.

There are about 190 wipes per packet (holy crap, is my little angel really gunna shit that much?!). And I need 52. So that means I’ll need 9880 wipes for the year. Multiple that by my rock-bottom price and I’ll be spending $1086.8 on wipes. That’s right folks, I’ll be spending almost three times as much on wipes as I am on diapers. Pretty insane. This baby better be greatful.

Per Change

For those of you whom are interested (which I’m sure is not many J), we will be spending approximately 22 cents per pee change and 55 cents per poop change. Geesh, this baby is going to be expensive.

One poop change is enough money to get from where I live to where I work in toll and still have 5 cents left over.

Where I’ll Find Them

At this point, I am not brand loyal. Maybe once my little one is actually here and rashes are forming and poop is leaking, I’ll stick to one brand but I’ve worked for families who use Luvs with great success and I’ve worked for families who will only use Pampers or Huggies and have great success and I’ve worked for families who use whatever’s cheapest (even if that means buying store brand) and had… great success. I think it depends on the child. I know of one baby girl who was a bit sensitive to the Babies ‘R Us brand but it seemed like she was fine with all else. I also know more than 10 children who were fine with every single brand thrown at them. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and won’t have a child with a picky butt however either way, I’ll be happy and support my babies butt’s decision not to use store brand J

I am an Amazon Mom/Prime member (I’m actually currently using my free three months) and I can already tell that will be a great place to stock up. I also know that convenience/drug stores usually have the lowest prices of any stores and that those bulk clubs (BJ’s, Sam’s Club etc.) are usually the most expensive per diaper with grocery stores falling somewhere in between. Whatever I don’t have by the time my baby shower rolls around, I will certainly add to my baby list and hope that my family and friends go practical and not adorable.

To find the best price per week, I start by googling “diaper deals” or “wipe deals” and then the date. So for this week, I Googled “Diaper deals July 19th” so that I would get some current information.

This is a screen shot of what I got when I Googled that. As you can tell, I mostly found money-saving blogs (which I love!).

My screen shot of the diaper deals for this week

My screen shot of the diaper deals for this week

Now you have to take a few minutes to weed through the crap. Many women post deals which to them might be actual deals but to me… no way. 19 cents per diaper… that’s insane.

This is the screenshot of this so called “deal” which was certainly not a deal. Below it is the screen shot of my reply. I don’t mean  to sound snooty but come on… that price is a rip off. You might as well buy them at full price!

"So Called" Deal-- Not for me!

My thoughts on this deal-- I couldn't help myself

My thoughts on this deal– I couldn’t help myself



After weeding through it all and calculating each different “deal” for cod (that is cost.of.diaper NOT Call of Duty hehe), I realized that this week, there were not too many deals. I would say I find a great deal on diapers and/or wipes about every other week. Last week, I got 264 diapers for just under 11 cents per diaper (obviously my stock up price!!). The brand was Luvs and the size was One. I also got 600 Huggies for sensitive skin baby wipes for just under 11 cents per wipe… again, my stock-up price. Both of these were from Amazon and were shipped within 2 days for free to my door. Quite perfect if you ask me. Not hitting any deals this week won’t be a big deal because I still have 7 months and I’m ahead of the game!

Please feel free to share your own thoughts or tips on saving money on diapers and wipes!

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