Project get rid of these friggin ants

I have a problem. A serious problem.


They are disgusting. Last Summer, we didn’t get them. We live in a newer apartment so I thought we were going to…. not get them. I had high hopes. But then I found one. And then I found another. And now they’re everywhere. In my trash can and in my sink and on my floor and on my counters. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I will clean at night after dinner and spray down the counters and not see a single one but anytime there are any dirty dishes in the sink or on the counters BAM! they’re back. It’s horrible. And sadly, Ameer and I both work so it’s impossible for us to never leave a single dirty dish in our sink. We don’t let it get crazy but there’s usually one or two.

I shared my woes with a friend and she gave me a little thing called Tat. It’s a circular little box– looks to me like it might store mints. I guess it contains some sort of food that smells really delicious to the ants but when they climb in the box to eat it, they die. Very sad but that’s how it goes. And so I put it out and it WORKED but it was temporary. The ants are back and the Tat no longer works– leading me to believe that it can only kill so many.

So I decided to search for a cheap…. permanent fix. I know that Raid is an option however that works with chemicals which I do not think are healthy for my growing fetus. Also, we have cats roaming our home that I don’t want licking up raid.

This is what I found:

The Ant Killing Concoction:

Mix equal parts:

  • Borax
  • Sugar
  • Water

Put them in a something with holes punched in it so that the ants can get in and then die. Probably won’t be a very comfortable death but what can I do?! They won’t leave if I try to make them comfortable and them being in my home is becoming a serious problem.

I’m going to use a tupperware container (because I have a million) with holes punched in the top. That will be perfect because I’ll actually be able to see the ants in there to check how it’s working. Fingers crossed!

I will post back in a week how it went. Pictures and all.

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