I’ve been a bad blogger guys… I’ve been away for a MONTH now!! BUT It’s gone on long enough.

So I”m here to update you on the what-haves and the what-have-nots that’ve been keeping me so busy.

1. Of course, I have been gloriously pregnant. It takes WORK making le bebe. I am finally (happily!) into the second trimester however that’s certainly been keeping me away from like (anyone else sleep 8 hours a day and then 10 hours a night for 10 weeks of THEIR pregnancy? No people, I am not exaggerating.)

2. Ameer and I are {in the process of} moving. Of course, we wanted to be in a HOME that we OWNED by the time this baby made his or her grand entrance and living in our apartment that cost $800 a month plus all utilites made it sooo difficult to actually save anything. So…. we made the difficult decision to move in with my mom. It’s a God send to be living for free under some one else’s roof however giving up our privacy does not come without it’s challenges. We’ve been here for two days and so far, so good however unpacking is stress-FUL.

3. Ameer and I started a new diet called the Paleo (or Paleolithic or Caveman) diet. This will be getting it’s own post. All the planning and prep work that goes into a completely new way of eating takes serious time.

4. I left Ameriplan. This will also be getting it’s own post. It was a tough decision but the right one for me.

5. I decided to go back to school. I am going to the same college I went to before however this time, I’m in their nursing program. Nursing made perfect sense to me because 1. It sounds interesting 2. There’s opportunity to advance 3. I already have the science background and a TON of experience volunteering at a hospital 4. We have a ton of great hospitals in the area and the career is BOOMING and lastly 5. With a baby on the way, I felt real pressure to get a good, dependable job. Nursing was perfect because once I actually begin working, Ameer and I will both be working shifts so we can work opposing shifts and not have to pay for childcare.

It’s really a win-win-win-win-WIN. Classes start on Monday and I’m PUMPED! My most immediate goal for this semester is to get a 90 or above on my first exam for all of my classes.



SOOOOO guys– as you can see– I’ve been pretty busy. It’s such an exciting time for this growing family and I can’t wait to include you all in this awesomeness!



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