We’ve gone Paleolithic and it’s Paleo-RIFFIC

Okay so that header left…something to be desired. But hey, I never claimed to be a poet.

Anywho, as I mentioned earlier, Ameer and I have embarked upon a new journey– a new diet! It’s been awesome. We’ve been on it officially for one week and two days which may not sound like much but it feels like it’s been a life time.

We have decided to try the Paleo diet.

My sister Brittany and her husband Alex came into town last week. We see them twice a year so, of course, we wanted to spend a ton of time with them and we couldn’t help but notice they were eating like weird-os. We had to figure out what THAT was all about. And then they told us… they were living a Paleo lifestyle. Now for them, I call it a lifestyle because they got through the initial 21 day part and decided to stick with it and have been sticking with it for six months now. They both looked awesome, my sisters skin was so clear and they couldn’t stop talking about the benefits.

WELL…. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but Ameer is a bit overweight. According to his doctor, he is currently obese but not yet morbidly obese however to me, he just seems a bit overweight. Then again, I’m his wife and think the absolute world of him. Here are some pictures of my hubby just so you can get a general picture in your head. None of them are great because he never actually just stands like a normal person for a picture but hopefully you can get the basic gist of it:

CAM00020 CAM00022 CAM00167 CAM00238 CAM00201

For the longest time, Ameer didn’t care about his weight (or at least didn’t seem to) however at some point in time, he decided he wanted to lose the weight. The issue:

1. He hates being uncomfortable.

2. He love food.

3. He hates exercise.

4. I do all of our shopping and cooking, he eats whatever I put in front of him.

5. He works a very labor-intensive job so he can’t be sufficing on 900 calories a day.

SO this weight thing has been a struggle of mine and once we found out we had a wee one on the way, we knew we wanted Ameer to be at a healthy weight by the time the baby got here but honestly, I didn’t think it would happen.

Britt and Alex came here at the perfect time.

SO… they told us what the Paleo Diet was. They suggested some reading material but you can find so much online. This is a great video that describes what eating paleo is, why people do it and what the benefits are as well as what we can and can’t eat.

Hopefully you sort of understand a bit about it now!!

Of course, my eggo is preggo so I couldn’t just do a 180 with my diet. I tried for one day to do just straight paleo but it was so painful and I knew that it wasn’t right for me at the time however I had a very sad suspicion that if I left the diet, Ameer would as well so I didn’t want to.

*Side note* for those preggies out there who ARE interested in going 100% paleo, here are some articles that prove that it IS safe. It just isn’t COMFORTABLE.


*although apparently it can increase your chances of conceiving if you’re TTC! hmmmmm*

http://paleodietlifestyle.com/paleo-guide-to-pregnancy/Well… we sat down and had a talk about it and he said as long as I made it possible for him (remember, I do all the shopping and cooking– little housewife that I am) then he would stick to it AT LEAST for the 21 days.

So this is how WE do paleo.

Ameer eats paleo 100% of the time. I eat paleo ABOUT 33% of the time however even when I’m not eating paleo, my eating habits HAVE changed for the better a ton.

This is what a paleo day looks like for us food wise.

I wake up and make Ameer’s breakfast and lunch. His breakfast is usually a two-egg omletee with whatever veggies we got from the Farmer’s Marker (love supportin’ that local economy!) and whatever meat we had the might before, two pieces of bacon and kale and berry smoothie. Before he eats his breakfast, he has a glass of water. For lunch, I make him a salad that consists of a crap ton of spinach leaves, grape tomatoes and some sausage. This week, we bought some super healthy organic pesto that is also being put on his salad. I also pack him a snack for first break and snack for second break (banana chips, raisins, trail mix, an apple, some cut up veggies etc.).

After Ameer is gone, I eat my own breakfast which has become a bowl of cereal. One difference between Ameer’s diet and my own is that he cut out all dairy while I kept milk in mine. No cheese or any of that yummy but oh so unhealthy stuff– just milk. I have to drink Vitamin D milk as prescribed by my doctor because I’m a bit deficient plus I LOVE milk and it helps my lil man or lady grow. For lunch, I have a sandwich with ham and mustard and I eat whenever I get hungry but because I only buy paleo food (other than the Vit. D milk and the bread), I usually only eat paleo food.

For dinner, I make a 100% paleo dinner that we both eat however sometimes I have a glass of milk with it and Ameer has hard cider with dinner which I, obviously, can’t drink.

One or two nights a week, Ameer has a dessert after dinner however he’s much more likely to have his dessert when he first gets out of work because he’s spent and wants to relax.

So just so you know how paleo has been treating us…. I was getting VERY bad pregnancy acne before we started and it’s about 95% cleared up now. I also was always tired and that’s stopped although that may also be due to the fact that I’m now into my second trimester. Ameer says he feels as though he has more energy. He weighed 245 at the start of this thing and currently weighs 228 so I’d call that a victory!

I’m planning on posting a few of our recipes soon (both the good and the bad– yes, I’ve tried some recipes that tasted like booty… cauliflower breadsticks are NOT our thing!)


One thought on “We’ve gone Paleolithic and it’s Paleo-RIFFIC

  1. Great to read how you’re getting on, too! I’m feeling loads better now and worked out the Paleo ‘regime’ that seems to suit me. Good luck to both you and Ameer – thanks for following me and I will reciprocate as I’m excited to see how you’re doing, too! 🙂

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