Why I chose to leave Ameriplan USA

It wasn’t very long after starting Ameriplan that I realized the career just wasn’t for me.

Because a major reason for starting this blog was to tell everyone ABOUT Ameriplan, I would love to share my experience and why the company just wasn’t right for me.

My issue with Ameriplan began immediately after training ended when I realized I’d been liked to. The major claim they made that I had a problem with was that there is NO cold-calling. This was nice for me because the idea of cold-calling seemed… well off-putting.

So I begin to actually work and I am provided a list of five leads to begin with. A LEAD is someone who AT SOME POINT IN TIME filled out a form of some kind online saying they might be interested in working from home/making extra money/being able to stay home with their children or whatever way they phrased it that interested people. So you call the person and introduce yourself and nine times out of ten, the people think right away that you’re a scammer and don’t even let you finish your sentence. If they DO let you finish your sentence, you go on to a explain a bit about the company. In my two months with the company, I made just over 500 attempts at this type of phone call and had not one success. That was frustrating but to be expected. What I did NOT like was that to me, this was a cold-call. None of these people REMEMBERED filling out that form and they were not expecting you call. That’s essentially the definition of a cold-call and it was uncomfortable and awkward and I didn’t like it at all.

The other type of lead is a WARM lead. This lead is much better but still… you can only get the person by scamming them. You put up an ad on a site such as craigslist that asks for “customer service representatives” or something along those lines and the description you give is VERY vague and not at all factual. You get tons of responses, contact them all and set up phone interviews for maybe… 1/4 of them. Which is a good pull through amount in my opinion.  Some of them actually interested until they find out that you have to PAY to work for the company. Again, I had very little success this way.

As with any job, I realize that in order to be successful you need to give it time however giving Ameriplan USA “time” is also giving them money as you have to pay them monthly. At first, it seemed like a great idea but once I realized that we would have MORE money if I wasn’t working at ALL, I decided to leave the company.

All in all, I think Ameriplan USA might be perfect for some people however I’m simply not one of them. I don’t believe you should have to pay to work for a company and I don’t feel comfortable making claims such as “oh there’s NO cold-calling” when there actually is. It just doesn’t feel right to me so I made the decision to go back to school and get a usable-degree so I can get a REAL job that ACTUALLY pays money.


SIDE NOTE: I did receive one check from Ameriplan USA. It was for $32. So I made $32.00 in two months. That’s horrible.  But hey, they’re legit enough to pay me what I “earned”.


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