My baby registry

Hi folks– I’m here to give you a little updating (specifically regarding the little baby)!!

Classes started last Monday and I’m lovin’ it (ba da da da da). It’s so nice to be back in school. A bit stressful but I’m happy to have something to keep me busy and I have a bunch of classmates who’re either also going into nursing or are already in nursing programs– it’s great to have people to talk to who’re following my same path.

In addition to all that greatness, two weeks ago on Tuesday, I got to see le bebe! I was 12 weeks and 0 days on the day of my appointment meaning I was in my 13th week however much to my disappointment, it was too early to find out the sex of the baby… BUT!! In better news, I did get to see the baby and oh my gosh it’s more than quadrupled in size since the first time we saw the little thing. It was sooo awesome– it was kicking me and sucking it’s thumb. It now looks as though I actually have a human being in there and not just some ‘lil alien!

So my next appointment will be on September 17th and I will be just beginning my 17th week which means *ba da da daaaaaa* that they should certainly be able to tell if I’m carrying a he or a she. Pretty exciting, right?!

Well I’m quite excited to find out however everyone is already calling it a boy. I have no idea why. I never said I thought it was a boy and when people ask if I have any ideas (“mothers intuition”) I say that my mother’s intuition is that I’m 100% sure I have no idea. I’ll be so amazingly stoked either way but am just excited to be able to not just call it an it and actually refer to it as a he or a she! That’ll be awesome.

So… I was feeling a bit antsy the other day and decided that although it’s early, I’m fully into my second trimester and would make my baby registry. Of course, I’m not going for ugly gender neutral things so I decided to register as if it’s a boy and just change the few gender specific things I have on there if I were to find out otherwise.

I registered with Target because I wasn’t picky and both my mother-in-law and aunt suggested it so I figured eh, why not. I didn’t have a single problem finding everything I was looking for.

For a boy, the nursery will be mainly brown with some green undertones. For a girl, the nursery will be mainly brown with some pink undertones. I went with brown as my main color because it’s easy to apply to any gender so I can reuse a lot for future children.

So here it is!!

Some Notes About My Registry

1. My mother was around for the most part while I was making the registry and pointed out some things for me. She said that I shouldn’t bother registering for clothes because many people will get whatever they feel like and more than likely, it’ll be cute baby clothes. I should try to stick to practical stuff that was actually needed according to her. I tried to keep this in mind however I did register for one little outfit you’ll see (it’s the outfit we’ll be bringing him home from the hospital in) and a bunch of bibs and binkie’s because they were cute and I wanted to.

2. My mom also said that the nipple cream I registered for was useless and I shouldn’t waste mine or anyone else’s money because it’s not my nipples that will hurt but my entire boob and it will only be a for a few days… I decided not to listen to her on this one. I’ve read of many mom’s who felt it was very necessary and were so thankful they had the cream and didn’t have to run out to the store. Worst comes to worst, $8.00 was wasted.

3. Some of the pricier items on the list, I felt really bad registering for ($200.00 for a car seat and stroller?! My GOSH!!) but my mom picked a lot of that stuff out and she says she wants to buy those bigger ticket items if someone else doesn’t get them for me at the shower… Ameer and I already purchased a crib and she says she’d like to get the rest.

4. Although I did say that I’m stockpiling diapers for the first year so we don’t need to go shopping for them, I did register for a bunch. My mom says I won’t regret it at all.


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