HIIT Pregnancy Workout #1

My Sunday HIIT Workout was adapted from a workout I found on this pregnancy blog. You should adapt it to meet your own physical needs and as always, clear any and all exercise with you OB beforehand!

Fit 2 B Pregnant HIIT

5 minute Warm-up

:30 high-knees

:30 jumping jacks


Two minutes of dynamic stretching (this means stretching while moving. I, personally, just put on a Zumba song and stretch it out to the music).


Interval Training (10 minutes)

:40 jump squats

:20 break

:40 180 jumps

:20 break

:40 up-down planks

:20 break

:40 burpees

:20 break




Cool-Down (10 minutes)

Static Stretching


HOW I FELT: Immediately after the workout, I felt bad-ass however I also felt a bit bummed. I was hoping to do 20 minutes worth of intervals. What I did was awesome and all but… I didn’t even break a sweat. I stopped because I lost my hearing and for me that’s kind of a… it’s time to quit sign.

A day later, my calfs feel just as sore as they did last week when I was not working out at all so I’d say I’m doing pretty well! I’m making sure to keep my water intake up (aiming for 10 glasses per day) and striving to eat only the healthiest. Of course, I’m also taking my prenatals.



AND OF COURSE, there’s always something to be happy about:



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