Staying fit during pregnancy!

I am officially in the second trimester of pregnancy (and have been for about six weeks now)!

As anyone who knows me is well aware of, health & fitness has always and will always be very important to me. Pregnancy is no exception. Taking that into consideration, I share this tidbit of information with you:

My first trimester was a breeze. I’m sure many women want to punch me in the face when I say that but it’s true (sorry ladies!). My friend is about a month behind me in pregnancy and she has had a ROUGH go about it. She can only eat three foods and is always nauseous– it just seems so horrible. Well for me, it was all rainbows and butterflies. I didn’t get sick– the closest I came was two or three bouts of acid reflux where I needed to remain upright. I wasn’t overly emotional, I looked pretty much the same… it was really just a walk in the park.

WELL– I should have KNOWN that it couldn’t possibly stay that perfect. The second trimester hasn’t been horrible– I’m absolutely positive it could be a lot worse. My husband would say that I’m just being an optimist but honestly– it really could be much, much worse than it is.

With that in mind, it hasn’t been easy. Around 13 weeks, my face started to break out. This wasn’t a huge deal, it just wasn’t fun for me because I’ve always had pretty clear skin. At 14 weeks, my back pain started– it was in my lower back and the best way to relieve it was to walk different. I have officially adopted a pregnancy “waddle”.


At 15 weeks, I went and did the Arc Race with my father and a friend. It was a simple 5K– just three miles and some change, no big deal however while there before the race had begun, mind you I started to see spots, sat down and lost all sight and hearing for around a minute and a half. Nothing MAJOR but it was still scary as hell and I’ve had blurry vision since then. I began to gain weight which was a GOOD thing because it meant the beginning of actually looking like a pregnant lady but with that came intense leg pain. Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst calf pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I couldn’t speak, tears were in my eyes, I was just laying there helplessly, thrashing about. It was absolutely horrid. Since then, I’ve had pain in my legs every single day. I can best compare it to the feeling you get in your calfs the day after the most intense workout you’ve ever had however that is not what caused it for me.

So yes, it could be worse, but it hasn’t been as easy-going and perfect as the first trimester either. I have high hopes for the third trimester!!

WELL… as this pain has begun and worsened, I began to adopt a “I’m pregnant so I need to be waited on and wrapped in a large bubble and treated like a princess who does nothing” attitude which is no good for my own self nor for my marriage. Yesterday, while scouring pregnancy boards on Pinterest, I happened upon a fellow pregnant chick who is also a blogger however her blog is a bit more concentrated than mine… she writes about being FIT during pregnancy.

I began to read what she had to say and it inspired me. She writes about the fact that your baby will be much better in the long run and labor will be much easier if you’re taking care of you body… that women often live in this current state of fear during pregnancy but that we really just need to put all the fear aside and realize that women have accomplished and continue to accomplish so very much– nothing can hold us back!

This is her blog.

And with that, I decided that from here (17 weeks) and on, I will be posting a weekly update on how my eating has been, how my working out has been and a picture of how I’m looking as I progress through this awesome thing called making life!


Wednesday (09/18/13)- One hour and a half of tennis.

Thursday (09/19/13)- 15 minute jog/run; 15 minute walk.

Friday (09/20/13)- No exercise.

Saturday (09/21/13)- No exercise.

Sunday (09/22/13)- 20 minutes HIIT Workout. Click link to read the workout.

Today- An hour and a half of tennis. Possibly will be going for a run with my friend.


My eating hasn’t been the best but not the worst either. Granola with raisins and honey for cereal, spinach with tomatoes, avocado and dressing for lunch and whatever we’re having for dinner that night. A definite area of improvement would be to cut back on eating out– this week we went out to Moe’s friday night which was a meal lasting me into Sunday and then went out to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner Saturday night. Both very enjoyable and we do love to eat in a social setting but it’s so hard on the bank account and even worse, it’s always food that’s so bad for us.

I will be checking back next Monday to update you about how I did on week 18. Thanks for reading!


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