An awwweeesome money-saver!

Hi all! I honestly believe that every single one of my professors got together and said “this week, we believe that Jade is going to be having some pregnancy pain so we might as well lay on the tests”. I have a test in every.single.class. How does that happen?!?

Well, who knows? But it did happen. To me. So I have been pretty study-crazy. I’m lucky because I have so much more time now that I’m not *really* working so I have actually been able to prepare for all of the tests for a few weeks now. My first big exam is today (in two hours, I’ll be sitting there taking it as a matter of fact) and I can happily say that I feel prepared. How nice!

And aside from all that craziness, the blog will be getting spiced up a bit in the next few days in the form of *ba dum dum dummmmm* some all new bloggers. How awesome is that?! Some other women from some very different walks of life who will be contributing to MyHousewifeTales. I’m so excited!

But anyway, in the midst of all this crazy studying and excited preparing, I wanted to drop in and tell you all about an amazing deal that is out. For those of you who were unaware, September & October are Yoga Awareness month.

I took a Yoga class where we had an hour of actually practicing Yoga and then an hour of learning about Yoga– how to teach it, the different types, the benefits etc. And I LOVED it however I never decided to actually go to a studio and try it out. When I saw this deal I was like WHYYY HAVE I NOT?!

When I was in yoga, I was so stress-free and so much more fun to be around because I was a lot better at controlling my emotions. I would just think “wait until Saturday and then you can let it all out in class”. You’re so attuned to your body and mind awareness… it’s just such an amazing experience. SO it was pretty awesome when I saw that in honor of National Yoga Awareness month, over 2000 locations in the US were offering a FREE WEEK of Yoga, I was STOKED.


I was even happier when I found out that one of the studios in my area (there were six that were within driving distance) is the one ran by my Yoga teacher from that class I had taken. I emailed her up to say that I was so excited to try a free week and BECAUSE I’m a nursing student, if I like it enough, I can get 8 classes for only $40 with her student discount. Here is a link to her site (if you’re a local of CNY), I would strongly recommend that you try out the free week (or at least a free class). Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment, she has mats, bands and blocks.

Visit here to sign up.

*of course, a concern was practicing during pregnancy however while emailing the teacher (Dena) I found out that many women are able to practice regular yoga straight up to their delivery with just a few minor modifications. This is all considering that you have your OB’s okay beforehand, of course!*

So Yogi-To-Be’s— head on out and try a free week at a new studio! I bet you will love it!


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