The HouseWife

I am the housewife. My name is Jade. I spend my days working, crafting, cooking, saving money and brewing this perfect little life inside me and my nights as Wonder Woman (who, at times, makes cameo appearances during the day scene). Ha! But really, I’m just one woman who decided she wanted to do it all. I am young, married, have a child on the way, am working toward buying my dream home and I want to do it ALL. Some may say I have too much on my plate but I think I don’t have enough.

I go to nursing school Monday-Friday and usually do some sort of work on the weekend. For this semester, I’ve decided NOT to work full time because doing well in school is important and I don’t want to be over-worked.

I am also a liscened Zumba instructor and previous fitness studio owner. I have a myriad of certificates and certifications that make me legally able to help others lose weight and I had a lot of fun doing just that… but I knew I wanted to be at home. Making the decision to get rid of my studio was so amazingly difficult for me but at the time, it was the right decision. I learned countless lessons and am now an absolute PRO at not only working out but also motivating others to work out. I consider it a gift!

When I take breaks from my schooling and time spent Zumba-ing, I spend my time on Pinterest and other blogs– finding my next craft, planning my next major grocery shopping trip (oh, did I forget to mention, I only shop once a month– more on that later!), cooking, cleaning or working out.

And then the decision came to me– I have so many aspirations as a housewife, so many things I want to do around my home, with my future child(ren), with my husband and with my life– why not put it on paper (or in this case, screen). Why not share it with the world. I have heard over and over that blogging can be such an amazing outlet well– I’m giving it a spin.

This blog is going to be mix of everything. How I save money, what I cook, how I organize my life, how I workout, my pregnancy woes, what working from home for Ameriplan USA is like and much, much more. Eventually, I may find a particular niche that I love to write about but for now, I’m just going to write about it all.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be perfect, I’m just saying that I’m going to try. Everything. Just watch me 🙂

Ameer and I on our wedding day. Can you guess which one is me?

Ameer and I on our wedding day. Can you guess which one is me?


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