An awwweeesome money-saver!

Hi all! I honestly believe that every single one of my professors got together and said “this week, we believe that Jade is going to be having some pregnancy pain so we might as well lay on the tests”. I have a test in every.single.class. How does that happen?!? Well, who knows? But it did […]

HIIT Pregnancy Workout #1

My Sunday HIIT Workout was adapted from a workout I found on this pregnancy blog. You should adapt it to meet your own physical needs and as always, clear any and all exercise with you OB beforehand! Fit 2 B Pregnant HIIT 5 minute Warm-up :30 high-knees :30 jumping jacks REPEAT X 3 Two minutes […]

Staying fit during pregnancy!

I am officially in the second trimester of pregnancy (and have been for about six weeks now)! As anyone who knows me is well aware of, health & fitness has always and will always be very important to me. Pregnancy is no exception. Taking that into consideration, I share this tidbit of information with you: […]

Why I chose to leave Ameriplan USA

It wasn’t very long after starting Ameriplan that I realized the career just wasn’t for me. Because a major reason for starting this blog was to tell everyone ABOUT Ameriplan, I would love to share my experience and why the company just wasn’t right for me. My issue with Ameriplan began immediately after training ended […]