HIIT Pregnancy Workout #1

My Sunday HIIT Workout was adapted from a workout I found on this pregnancy blog. You should adapt it to meet your own physical needs and as always, clear any and all exercise with you OB beforehand! Fit 2 B Pregnant HIIT 5 minute Warm-up :30 high-knees :30 jumping jacks REPEAT X 3 Two minutes […]

How to actually save money on diapers and wipes

I have decided to share my *semi-boring* calculations and derivations (wait… that didn’t make sense!) about how many diapers and wipes I will need to stock up on in the next seven months of pregnancy I have left in order to not need to purchase a single diaper or wipe until my child is a […]

Old (House) Wives Tales

I am a frequent member of multiple mother-to-be forums. My favorite for my phone is WTE (That’s what to expect for those of you who DON’T frequent that forum). My favorite forum for the computer is BabyAndBump.momtastic.com (or simply babyandbump). On these forums, you find out so much information– some of it loony and some of […]