An awwweeesome money-saver!

Hi all! I honestly believe that every single one of my professors got together and said “this week, we believe that Jade is going to be having some pregnancy pain so we might as well lay on the tests”. I have a test in every.single.class. How does that happen?!? Well, who knows? But it did […]

Why I chose to leave Ameriplan USA

It wasn’t very long after starting Ameriplan that I realized the career just wasn’t for me. Because a major reason for starting this blog was to tell everyone ABOUT Ameriplan, I would love to share my experience and why the company just wasn’t right for me. My issue with Ameriplan began immediately after training ended […]

How to actually save money on diapers and wipes

I have decided to share my *semi-boring* calculations and derivations (wait… that didn’t make sense!) about how many diapers and wipes I will need to stock up on in the next seven months of pregnancy I have left in order to not need to purchase a single diaper or wipe until my child is a […]

How I Grocery Shop

I have said in multiple posts that I will eventually make a post which explains how I grocery shop and guess what– today’s the day! I do not like to spend money. I LIKE to save money. I LOVE to eat and I only want the healthiest, best quality foods going into the bodies of myself, […]

My budget system

*Pictures soon to follow* Any money-savvy housewife (or husband) can tell you that the number one key to saving money is budgeting. The only issue with this is that there are so many different ways to budget. From Pinterest, I’ve pinned at least 20 different budgeting methods. They can all work for you but there’s only one out […]

Inexpensive, 100% natural all-purpose cleaner

At the dollar store in Syracuse, you can buy a green product called Spic ‘N Span for $1.00. It smells mighty strong but works very well. While I was still in school and in the midst of an intense, study-heavy week, I realized that my apartment had, somehow, become the home of a pig. And […]