Staying fit during pregnancy!

I am officially in the second trimester of pregnancy (and have been for about six weeks now)! As anyone who knows me is well aware of, health & fitness has always and will always be very important to me. Pregnancy is no exception. Taking that into consideration, I share this tidbit of information with you: […]

Old (House) Wives Tales

I am a frequent member of multiple mother-to-be forums. My favorite for my phone is WTE (That’s what to expect for those of you who DON’T frequent that forum). My favorite forum for the computer is (or simply babyandbump). On these forums, you find out so much information– some of it loony and some of […]

How I Grocery Shop

I have said in multiple posts that I will eventually make a post which explains how I grocery shop and guess what– today’s the day! I do not like to spend money. I LIKE to save money. I LOVE to eat and I only want the healthiest, best quality foods going into the bodies of myself, […]